Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Art Party Conference

On our way to The Art Party Conference crossing the Humber bridge
 Unfortunately, we were one LAN member short for the Art Party Conference trip to Scarborough, as Rebecca Reid couldn't make it, but still the LAN continued out of The Shire! It took us about 40 mins just trying to get out of Lincoln city centre....

 We missed the earlier march along the beach, but we made it!

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throw stuff at effigies of Michael Gove MP

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP being challenged on his policies
BBC news coverage

Bob And Roberta Smith
STEAMPUNK manifesto for art and education

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP - booooo!!!

a Plinther!

Note from Jeremy Deller

We asked Jeremy Deller to write a note to Becky's Dad. We explained that Becky's Dad was at the battle of Orgreave, and subsequently hates Jeremy Deller's work "The Battle Of Orgreave". This is the note Jeremy wrote for him :-)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The LAN Christmas Market 2013

On Saturday, the LAN are off to Scarborough to go to The Art Party Conference!
We're all excited!

After a period of worry, we're relocating the LAN Christmas Market to St. Mary Le Wigford church, which isn't far from Norman St. Empty Shop, which we've had to abandon due to extortionate costs! Which only really gives us about a week to prepare for it....

inflatable fish fun!

Lincoln Christmas Blackout cards exclusively available for 2013

Becky Fawcett

Helen Dearnley