Monday, 28 April 2014

LAN cycling art project

Spring has sprung, which means it's the ideal time to get on your bike and join us for LAN cycle rides!

Love cycling!
Helen Dearnley's E.T. themed illustrated Valentines Cards proved popular for 2014

We're currently putting together a funding application for a cycle art event planned for Sunday 10th August 2014.
In order to guage interest, some regular cycle rides are planned in the run up between May - June via GoSkyRide and will be uploaded and updated shortly!
These rides are planned on Sunday afternoons from Boultham Park at 2.00p.m. to the city centre, stopping for refreshments at Brayford cafe bar before returning to Boultham Park. 
A great opportunity to meet up and find out more about planned LAN events coming up!

Helen Dearnley Illustration

You can also join us for regular Friday social rides from either the Lpac for Ladies only Breeze  rides, or Starbucks on Brayford for Cycle Chimps 5.30p.m. to the Pyewipe and back to get involved with the LAN.