Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Penny For The Guy!

Penny For The Guy!! The LAN now have a guy (sort of!). He has no hands, and his head needs an identity. His clothing is subject to adaptation. He could be Steampunked, Seapunked, Gothed, made into a Doctor Who monster, an effigy of hated MP... and he can be changed for different events, much like Worzel Gummidge changing his heads! If anyone would like to make missing parts for the LAN Guy, the aim is to wheel him around Lincoln to fundraise for LAN exhibitions. If you're a Lincoln-based artist and wish to get involved, please get in touch at contact.lincolnartistnetwork@gmail.com with the subject "Penny For The Guy" or see the LAN Page

Monday, 29 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New LAN space

The LAN are seeking new space to use as studios, events and exhibition space within the city of Lincoln.

It was interesting to speak to Tom Godfrey, formerly of Moot gallery in Nottingham, which was set up to create a working space for artists there, and to see some of the projects they did, how projects were managed with no budget or funding, and how it developed.

So the LAN has been doing very similar things with the former Empty Shop space and are now in a position to seek new space of our own.

We frequently receive offers from local cafe's and existing venues such as pubs and bars, however, we require a less restricted space with room for artists to create work and exhibit, where we can keep materials and equipment relatively securely.
This could be a disused office space, another empty shop, or other empty space.
We do not have any funding, so ideally, this should be free in lieu of our artist's fees, or there must be a way for us to meet those costs by generating an income for the work we do. 
Our time, skills and expertise are valuable assets, and we offer these in return for space at no cost to you. Your support will equally be recognised as a supporter of the arts and artists.

If you have space available, please contact Helen at contact.lincolnartistnetwork@gmail.com with further details, to discuss further by phone, or to arrange a meeting. 

Please do not contact us to ask for us to volunteer. We do not volunteer our skills for free - you would not ask a plumber, a teacher or a doctor to work for free, so don't waste your time expecting that of us, as you will be disappointed.