Tuesday, 30 April 2013


 LAN : LAB is Lincoln Artists' Network Laboratory 

Lincoln Artists' Network have been developing a project for some time working with Apparatjik.

Everybody is an Apparatjik.

The Light Space Modulator
Apparatjik perform inside (and outside) a cube, referred to as the Light Space Modulator.
Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin 
Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo

The EyeOn Committee have announced that other bands (and presumably artists) can create similar Light Space Modulator devices in other locations

The proposal is to create and construct an LAN LSM in which to exhibit works by local artists invited to contribute to an experimental LAN project.

 Outer Trial Bank / The Wash Incident 

Lincoln Artists' Network invite artists, animators, photographers, illustrators, etc to submit work in response to the mysterious Outer Trial Bank and The Wash Incident, where I was born in 1976. 

Informatings: Outer Trial Bank  The Wash Incident 

LAN:LAB invites you to start your career in a parallel universe and work your way multidimensionally.

Lincoln Artists' Network hereby invites you to participate in The Outer Trial Bank / The Wash Incident to be exhibited at Norman St. Empty Shop Space in Sept - Oct 2013.

submit images of 1024 x 1024 pixels in size, and in jpeg format only. a maximum of 32 images per participant, to be submitted before march 1st, 2013

if selected by the LAN:LAB committee, your contribution will be shown alongside works of the others invited, and presented as a slide-show with multiple pixels projected on the apparatjik light space modulator. each image will randomly change place on the cube, thus creating unintended interstices
artists whose works are used will be credited with full name and the letter ‘A’ behind it, on lincolnartistnetwork.co.uk.
 and subsequent exhibitions is credited in all LAN publication in the same way.
for technical reasons all slides will be cropped to perfect squares. please send us a cropped image or accept that LAN:LAB crops your work without any restrictions.

upload and sideload masterpieceings at the following contact.lincolnartistnetwork@gmail.com with the email subject "Outer Trial Bank"  

Deadline for submissions 31st July 2013 

Additionally, interest is sought from artists wishing to perform inside the Light Space Modulator, sound artists, retro game hackers, scientists, geeks and general wtfery. 

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