Thursday, 10 November 2011

Your support needed!

The LAN needs your support to collect coupons from the Lincolnshire Echo for the Cash For Your Community FundThis is to raise funding for artists and the group, so not supporting us is a no-brainer!!

This will be used for matchfunding for an ACE grant application.
We've organised a coffee morning to spread the word this Friday at The Priory Centre in Lincoln  

In other news, we've been offered the use of vacant stalls in Lincoln Central Market. When I set up the LAN, I was working with John Newling at The Collection. Here's a project he was involved in relating to markets:

The stalls will be available one Saturday every month, so I would hope artists will be inspired to make use of this opportunity. At this stage I do not know what costs are involved, but aim to negotiate the use of the space at no cost to us. This would therefore be a free opportunity to create work in response to a market space or to sell work. More info to follow.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lincoln Artist's Bonfire

We're pleased to support Manchester Artist's Bonfire for Lincoln's first Artist's Bonfire in January 2012.
While we await news of our own Empty Shops space coming soon, we may require a suitable safer venue to host this event in the city.

Artists are invited to submit work for this, and updates will follow with more info.