Monday, 17 December 2012

Merry Christmas and God Jul!

The Alternative Christmas Market is now officially over!

We made some extra sales during the extra weekend, and plenty of wishes for our artist led Yoko Ono Wish Tree.

We were also pleased with feedback from visitors, saying what a nice surprise it was, and what a lovely space it had become, so thanks to everyone that visited and enjoyed the Alternative Christmas Market, thanks to all the artists that took part and got involved for this artist led event, thanks to Revival for their continued support, and thanks to Revival Sing for bringing some Christmas Carol singing to the Alternative Christmas Market.

Thanks to other artists that came to speak to us.

We hope to be back next year, hopefully with some funding next year, planning a much bigger and better event, so for now, we're off to put our feet up and drink some gløgg! Skål!
drawings by Terry Martin of Murky Depths
Illustrations by Helen Dearnley
Beast Jesus Christmas Cards by Helen Dearnley

Merry Christmas, Beast Jesus, and God Jul!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Alternative Christmas Market - day 4

Sunday was the best days, we made lots of sales, and were joined by Revival Sing, who came to sing Christmas Carols for us, which was lovely!

However, as we haven't made enough sales to cover our costs, we plan to continue the Alternative Christmas Market next weekend, Saturday and Sunday 15th / 16th Dec without the main Christmas Market to distract people looking for unique Christmas pressie ideas.

Thanks to everyone that came and supported us, to all the artists involved, to Revival for continued support. 

Alternative Christmas Market - day 3

follow the moose to find us!

Saturday was another slow day, due to the one way system again, and despite the fact that the steam train was at the station. Which meant that we didn't get around to the Lincoln Uncut Starbucks protest, but we supported it with a sign on the door though :-)
We were joined by the incredibly talented Sam Derby.
Sam Derby

Sam Derby

Sam Derby

Sam Derby

Mel Gazda prints

Mel Gazda prints

Friday, 7 December 2012

Alternative Christmas Market - day 2

Yesterday went really well, we had several visitors, and everyone made sales, however, today has not been as good at all. A few sales, but not many visitors. This is partly because of a really stupid sheeple one-way system that the council invented, so that visitors can't go where they want to. Even The Collection cafe lost sales because of it.

And one artist suspects that one of her pieces has been swiped.

Our first visitor to the Nordic art installation was so impressed with the Apparatjik video art, that he said he'll come back, and Terry's books and comics continue to prove popular.

Follow the moose to find us!
With the weather forecast The Beast From The East, Beast Jesus Christmas Cards are only available here.

We're hoping sales pick up and there are lots of visitors tomorrow, when we will be joined by the lovely Sam Derby and Mel Langton, and don't forget to come and make a free wish for the Yoko Ono Wish Tree!

Meanwhile, as it's been slow, we've been illustrating portraits of each other, 

Terry Martin of Murky Depths by Helen Dearnley

and some mistletoe, for the romantics out there! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Alternative Christmas Market - day 1

Helen Dearnley Fine Art & Illustration

Terry Martin - Murky Depths

Yoko Ono Wish Tree
All are welcome to contribute to our Yoko Ono Wish Tree, all wishes will be sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Reikjavik, Iceland after the Christmas Market is finished.

Helen Dearnley Illustration prints

Helen Dearnley Illustration prints and cards

Alternative Christmas Market window display

Beast Jesus Restoration Society - Lincoln Cathedral Jesus restored Christmas Cards!
 You can even have your boring commercial mass produced Christmas Cards restored with us!

Kendell Geers / Nordic art installation
Our Nordic art installation has some scenes from the Norwegian Julemarked, Apparatjik, and Kendell Geers poster from the Nobel Peace Centre, curated by Helen Dearnley exclusively for the Alternative Christmas Market.

Apparatjik video for Nordic art installation

Mel Langton art canvases

Heather Lyon fine art

Mel Gazda photographic prints, cards and crafts

Robert Deaton wooden crafts