Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thursday's Mail Art additions

Jonathan Wells' piece with added Mail Fail

Emma Keller, currently studying BA (hons) Illustration

The Grey Arrows via The MOP - Ministry of Pretense
The Grey Arrows are a Pigeon/Pencil Display Team based in Lincoln. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mail Art arrivals!

Here are some of the mail art pieces that have been received so far!
From Penny Hetherington Lewin, Ballarat, Australia
 Penny's postcard all the way from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia tells the story of a WW1 soldier avoiding bullets with a donkey!

unsure whose this is! Sorry!

Royal Mail Fail
We hoped Royal Mail would support us for this exhibition, but they appear to be more of a hindrance than a help. Jon's piece was apparently 9 pence short in postage. 9 PENCE! So it was sent back to the sorting office. 
This has warranted a £1 "handling fee".
It was discovered that an empty envelope with artwork drawn on the outside was classified as a "special item". 
Yes, we artists know our work is special, but we don't usually expect to be charged for our specialness!!
Jon's work has an added sticker marked "revenue protection" stuck over his work. We contend that this is defamation of artwork!!
Jon has suggested we invoice the Royal Mail for their failure to deliver a piece of artwork, and our time wasted having to do their job ourselves!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Mail Art Lincoln

Helen Dearnley

Helen Dearnley

Magne Furuholmen - Alpha Beta

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mail Art Exhibition Private View

The Mail Art work is now all installed in Sincil St. Empty Shop space, with added on loan postcards from Magne Furuholmen's Alpha Beta exhibition.

Marie Louise Plum has updated her blog with info for our leg of the Mail Art exhibition, which we shall reiterate here! Obviously, we have a Facebook Event for the LAN.

Mail Art news: the touring exhibition which kicked off in Walthamstow earlier in the year has now left Bedford and is currently residing in Lincoln.
Helen Dearnley is curating this leg of the magical, travelling Mail Art tour. As ever, we are encouraging anyone and everyone to take part; get stuck into creating some art! The only stipulation is that the art is directly linked to postal items, be it drawn, painted, printed or scribbled on envelopes, brown paper packaging, missed mail cards, stamps, jiffy bags or postable boxes. This is mail art – it should be mailable, accessible for all (to make and enjoy) and, most importantly, relate to post and mail.
If you would like more info about what we’d like to see submitted, and what this touring exhibition is, please check out this post here. Starting off with Mail Art: Walthamstow in January this year, the tour has since stopped off at Cardiff, Bedford and now Lincoln, growing in size as it travels.

Mail Art: Lincoln opens this Friday with a Private View at 12.00p.m. and will run until October 26th 2012. The exhibition venue is an empty shop (much like the Bedford leg of the tour, curated byAnne-Marie Stijelja – see slideshow here!), which is 100% in keeping with the mail art ethos (accessible, non-juried space, open to all).

If you would like to contribute your artwork, please send all submissions to: Helen Dearnley: Mail Art, Lincoln, 18-20 Sincil Street, Lincoln, LN5 7ET

To read more about exactly what mail art is and where it came from, check out the Mail Art wiki page.

We look forward to seeing you, and receiving more Mail Art contributions!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mail Art Exhibition

The Mail Art Exhibition has arrived in Lincoln and will be installed tomorrow at the Empty Shop space in Sincil Street

For more updates, see here

We're looking for submissions! So please follow the link for more information!

The exhibition will feature work by curator Helen Dearnley, an envelope that was sent to Oslo and returned at the time of the tragic events of July 2011, and Magne Furuholmen's Alpha Beta postcards, as well as a variety of work by artists and illustrators for the duration of October - opening officially on Friday 12th October - 26th October.