Friday, 31 August 2012

Abandoned At The Exit - upcoming exhibition!

The LAN have been keeping up with Revival and awaiting the opening of an Empty Shop space in Lincoln, which we can use space to exhibit work.

For the opening on September 19th, we've been invited to exhibit work.
Abandoned At The Exit will feature work from a variety of local artists, and artists whose work responds to the space. There are several spaces available to exhibit, a main Empty Shop space with a cafe and workshops with space for art work, and an old arcade space, which has mirrors on the walls and is a bit Skegvegas!

Peter Rollings' Experimental Sonic Machines will be performing and hosting workshops.

Thomas Cuthbertson is curating Reel-4 digital video and animation work in the old arcade space next door. Artists included in this are David Blandy, Doug Fishbone, Mark Gubb, Ross Oliver, Bradley Oliver-Wright, Jonas Bjerre.

Other artists exhibiting will include Alice Bradshaw, and Thomas Hughes.

There is still space available for interested artists.

 All details are available here

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