Thursday, 20 September 2012

Abandoned At The Exit September 19th 2012

Alice Bradshaw's Museum Of Contemporary Rubbish

Mel Langton prints

Laura Wilson prints

Ehud Lavski The Invader
Click here to view Ehud's The Invader online comic

Abandoned At The Exit took place in an old arcade, the location ideal for Space Invader comics, digital prints, animation and video work by local and invited artists.

Experimental Sonic Machines and Didgeridoo workshop

Experimental Sonic Machines

Experimental Sonic Machines

the grand opening of Revival 

The grand opening of Revival
Reel is a project developed and curated by Thomas Cuthbertson.

Reel-4 video work by D U G 
Reel-4 is a screening event to promote a regular and changing line-up of Lincoln artists and established international artists in moving image media. Line up:

People Like Us (Vicki Bennett)
Doug Fishbone
Jayne Wilson

Bradley Oliver-White
D u g
Aislinn Ritchie
Thomas Went
Nathan Baxter

and a new audio-visual performance by Fragrant Stems.
Reel-4 video Doug Fishbone
Slightly pixellated image courtesy total failure of customer care by Orange / contextual site-specific lo-fi phone camera! The video quality appears much better, high quality video to view for those attending the event.

Reel-4 Jonas Bjerre Within Twelve Squares
Jonas Bjerre is from Danish band Mew and also part of Apparatjik 
His animation Within Twelve Squares was recommended by Helen Dearnley for Reel-3 and Reel-4 and can be viewed here.

Reel-4 David Blandy Anjin 1600

Reel-4 video art and guests/artists within the space

All work has been shown with permission from the artists.
Thanks to artists involved, Revival cafe, guests, and everyone for your support!

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