Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mail Art arrivals!

Here are some of the mail art pieces that have been received so far!
From Penny Hetherington Lewin, Ballarat, Australia
 Penny's postcard all the way from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia tells the story of a WW1 soldier avoiding bullets with a donkey!

unsure whose this is! Sorry!

Royal Mail Fail
We hoped Royal Mail would support us for this exhibition, but they appear to be more of a hindrance than a help. Jon's piece was apparently 9 pence short in postage. 9 PENCE! So it was sent back to the sorting office. 
This has warranted a £1 "handling fee".
It was discovered that an empty envelope with artwork drawn on the outside was classified as a "special item". 
Yes, we artists know our work is special, but we don't usually expect to be charged for our specialness!!
Jon's work has an added sticker marked "revenue protection" stuck over his work. We contend that this is defamation of artwork!!
Jon has suggested we invoice the Royal Mail for their failure to deliver a piece of artwork, and our time wasted having to do their job ourselves!

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