Thursday, 29 November 2012

Yoko Ono Wish Tree

We will be including a Yoko Ono Wish Tree

Visitors to the Christmas Market can add their own wishes to the tree, which will  all be sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland, after the Christmas Market has finished. This is a non-commercial unique and special addition as our Christmas gift to you.

Make an IMAGINE PEACE Wish Tree
For your school, workplace, community.*

You will need: Tree, pencils, Wish Tags.
Wish Trees are traditionally native, local and indigenous.
Olive, Apple, Pomegranate, Ficus, Birch, and Juniper trees are all popular choices.
For Wish Tags you could use paper and string, or pre-strung white shipping tags.
Download and add the IMAGINE PEACE sign
Download and add the WISH TREE instruction
That’s it!
When the tree is full of wishes: 
email us
 a photo and tell us your story
mail all the wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, PO Box 1009, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland.

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