Monday, 7 October 2013

Viking Biking Expedition and The Lincoln Simulacrum

The LAN now has artist Becky Fawcett joining us on the committee, and we're busy organising The Lincoln Simulacrum installation to coincide with Frequency Festival 2013. 
We're not funded by Frequency, and we're not curating this for Frequency for free, this is independent artist-led exhibition of digital artwork that should be fully funded and included as part of Frequency.

For "The Birds" workshop we made cardboard bird wings and beaks for audiences and participants of The Lincoln Simulacrum, and to create a flock of birds for the culmination of The Viking Biking Expedition as part of this.

bird wings made by artist Rebecca Reid

We've also been incredibly busy setting up and organising Viking Biking Expeditions, every Sunday. These are social artist-led cycle rides with an arty twist, and are gaining in popularity.

View from "Titanic" tower at the start of the Water Railway route

New Lincoln hire bikes at the train station for those without a bike

These Lincolnshire cow sculptures can be found along the Water Railway route, where the route follows The Viking Way from Ferry Road to Fiskerton.
They were given some "straw" made of rusty iron nails as a piece of guerilla art interaction. Good farming practice to keep your cows fed.

Cow with straw

Cycling and guerilla art
Upon the following week's ride, the straw had clearly been eaten!

There was only one strand of straw remaining!

Remaining strand of straw

Cow twerking

LAN artists invite the general public to join us for Viking Biking Expedition along the Viking Way in Lincolnshire, every Sunday until 3rd Nov 2013. 

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