Friday, 7 November 2014

Lincs Chamber of Commerce Building A Better Business #GoingForGrowth

The LAN requires two things at the moment. One is a regular source of income for artists involved, and to realise projects, or one-off grants / funding to initiate individual projects, and new space of our own in which artists can use to create new experimental work, events, projects and exhibitions, so for this purpose, we went to the free Lincs Chamber Of Commerce Going For Growth event to see what support there was available. 
We seemed to be successful in updating available grants, but whether we are eligible for the criteria, apply and are successful will take time and resources that will be wasted if not.

L: Charley Sowden Shooting Star PR
Charley Sowden of Shooting Star PR made outrageously negative football-related gender associations #everydaysexism but otherwise was informative and knowledgeable despite experiencing challenging presentation issues.

Ross Ryan from Pera Consulting - Growth Accelerator and Andy Clayton of Ruddocks
Streets Accountants declared that we were all capitalists. We thought that capitalism was over in 2008.
And some thought that illustrating their point could be done without the use of any actual illustrations, so this was why we actually DID illustrate some of the speakers! 
In our experience, illustrators are the most attentive people, capable of listening to lectures whilst illustrating Illustration lecturers, and similarly illustrating events as they happen live, instead of taking selfies. We'd like to think that these illustrations resemble the actual people that spoke. If in some way, there is someone that thinks we weren't paying attention, and instead drew a picture of someone else, then we'd be very interested, Brian Sewell. 

If you think that saying words is illustration, or a boring chart with numbers is illustration, without any form of visual communication at all, then we can help you out there. 
To illustrate the point that we don't work for free, you will notice that the pen still has the cap on.
You can even add a personal touch and some class to your company website by hiring an artist or illustrator to create portraits of your team - stock photography is cheap, hiring a photographer is better, as Andy Clayton showed, but hiring an illustrator and having quirky, innovative portraits on the office wall, or a literal mug with the director's face on it will make you literally stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Even better is to commission some artwork for your reception area or office, that expresses your core company values and shows that you really are a creative and innovative enterprise.

If this would be of interest to you for your business, we would be happy to meet for a consultation to discuss ideas, working to your budget, and we can then source an artist or illustrator whose work we think will fit with your business to create something truly unique. Don't just rely on a logo and a colour scheme, go further - commission an installation by a local graduate, or sponsor an LAN exhibition. 

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