Saturday, 22 October 2011

Frequency Digital Arts Festival, Lincoln

The LAN were hoping to organise a project for Frequency Digital Arts Festival, and the organiser, Barry Hale, said that it was the most exciting proposal they'd had for this. 
So why are we not doing anything you might ask?

There wasn't enough funding available for the scale of the project proposed, and as such, we're working towards this for 2013.

As group director, I felt I didn't want to compromise professional practice or the proposed work by being limited to a smaller scale version, as the Festival is still at an experimental stage.

Meanwhile, I begrudgingly went to see Metro-Boulot Dodo's The Four Seasons at The Collection, and The Drill Hall; I say begrudgingly, only because it's half term, and if I'm not being paid to produce or exhibit work, I shouldn't actually be doing anything art/work related at the moment; however, we were invited to attend "Spire" at Lincoln Cathedral, where there were some other Apparatjiks!

Considering the proposal it would've been mental to have missed this.

Here is some footage of some of the performances: 

B.J. Nilsen @ Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral was transformed musically by B.J. Nilsen into an Ice Cathedral hewn from a fjord, then metamorphing into Jonas And The Whale, the arched roof becoming the inside of a whale's ribcage, carrying us through Scandinavian frozen seas and swallowing a shoal of silvery fish. Like Apparatjik's Frozen Fingers with added ZIM :-) Made me shiver, but in a good way :-)

Philip Jeck / Spire @ Lincoln Cathedral for #Frequency

Philip Jeck / Spire @ Lincoln Cathedral for #Frequency

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