Saturday, 29 October 2011

Frequency Digital Arts Festival, Lincoln

The LAN has received a Cash For The Community pack via Lincolnshire Echo, which is funding for Lincoln-based community groups. We hope to use this as match funding for a GFA application for upcoming projects. I'm really hoping LAN artists will support this!

From November we're hoping to be able to make use of an empty shop space in the city centre, opposite the train station for which we hope to initiate something for Lincoln Christmas Market, and then continue to use via a skillshare project for temporary exhibitions, artist's residencies and collaborative work etc.

I shall update when details are confirmed.

Barry showed me around the rest of the Digital Arts Festival, and I met some of the artists involved, and had some cake at Angel Coffee house, which is the LAN virtual office!

I was one of only a few people to see Ilana Rein's "We Are All Cyclons"
which was a tiny privilege, along with Rosaline-de-thelin's fibre optical light pieces in St. Swithin's church were reminiscent of Bill Viola's Ocean Without A Shore at Venice Biennale 2007
Alex Posada's The Particle within Roman ruins was an encounter with some kind of Nikola Tesla creation that caused the stone ruins to appear to move around it. Having recently watched something about a boy whose father invented a secret military teleportation machine, I did want to get out before some kind of Philadelphia Experiment occurred.

Digitally altered image of B.J. Nilsen from Spire.

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