Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LAN/Onlincolnshire workshop - Paul Wilson blogging

This week is a busy week, with 2 workshops to finish the LAN/Onlincolnshire collaborative professional development for artists and illustrators before a break for Easter.
Tuesday's workshop introduced Paul Wilson to share his insights into blogging for artists ranging from the internet uninitiated, to those currently using blogs as part of their 3rd year illustration degree criteria, to gain useful insights into how to use them successfully, to those of us that are already experienced bloggers wishing to generate an income for sharing knowledge and expertise online as tutorials or publishing information, affiliate links, including ads alongside content, and getting paid for writing content for other people's blogs and websites. 
For artists and illustrators, this might extend to the provision of images, photos and illustrations, and discussion included how difficult it is to get work included in image sourcing stock image reference sites and to generate income for your content.

Paul Wilson demonstrating useful blogging information
Photography of work in the current Viewpoints exhibition at The Collection is prohibited, hence we've blurred out the work - which pains to do, so go and see it yourself! 

LAN artists are a curious group!

As promised, here are links to LAN artist's blogs:
James Joy
Rebecca Reid
Sarah Yates
Rose Bowskill
Jessica Burrell
Helen Dearnley

The last LAN/Onlincolnshire workshop this Thursday is on graphic novels and self-publishing - all information for this will be included on Helen Dearnley's Illustration blog, so this is one way to get paid for your blog content!

Thanks to The Collection for the lovely lunch in the Stokes cafe for LAN artists and for having us in the gallery.

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