Thursday, 12 March 2015

Viewpoints Exhibition @ The Collection

As part of our current LAN/Onlincolnshire workshops at The Collection, the first workshop on social media and digital technology included making use of the recent addition of wi-fi in the gallery space at The Collection.

There seem to be a few teething problems with connectivity via iphone on twitter, so feedback was given and we hope this will enable the museum to ensure that visitors can be able to tweet in the space and connect digitally during their visits.
This could be useful for seeking references on artists being exhibited, links to websites and other information that can be accessed directly while looking at work in the gallery, along with digitally interactive art work.

LAN artists have gained some useful knowledge about using twitter and hashtags to raise awareness of their work, to promote their work to reach audiences, gain commissions, and building followers.

We were involved in Lincolnshire Digital Conference and their hashtag #godigital15, which created a huge twitter presence and raised the profile of attendees online, as well as spamming twitter with many Jason Bradbury selfies!
As part of the Collection's current Viewpoints exhibition hashtag #myviewpoint we conducted some live tweeting in the gallery to share our thoughts and opinions on the work exhibited, and here we're collecting some that we hope will tie in with the comments for the exhibition. 

Discussion surrounding the photographic print by Richard Billingham "Untitled" 1995, some comments by Sarah Yates reflecting on the mood of the photo, the deliberately lo-fi exposure to reflect something about the subject, to capture the reality of the scenario. 
Illustrator Rose Bowskill saw it as an early internet cat meme, interested in the relationship between the man and the cat hiding behind rows of ornaments in the image.

A lot of visitors were drawn to Roger Ackling's Five Hour Cloud Drawing, 1980, in particular, the way it had been created that works like a printer, layered lines to form a circular image, described as sunlight on card - like a solar printer to build up the image over time, following on from Jason Bradbury's talk with early ZXSpectrum computer technology, it's reminiscent of waiting for an old ZXSpectrum game to load. Further discussion about the graphic nature of the image. 

A tweet with Helen Dearnley's thoughts on Jeremy Deller's proposal for Dr David Kelly for the Fourth Plinth is encouraging for artists that have been on the recieving end of those all too ubiquitous rejection letters / emails, to see that even very well known artists get rejected, but also that the rejection is still shown somewhere in displaying it as part of the exhibition. 

Cartoonist James was interested in an old painting of Lincoln showing the city included the Brayford Pool before the area became built up with modern buildings, to see how the city has changed over time. 

Please do tweet us @lincolnan if you'd like something to be added to this blog! And you can use The Collection hashtag #myviewpoints to engage with the conversation.

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