Monday, 11 April 2016

LAN trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Back in February, LAN artists Helen Dearnley and Sam Bartlett, embarked on an intrepid joint trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see Bill Viola and KAWS.

The chapel at YSP. Inside was Bill Viola's video installation Fire Woman and Tristan's Ascension, 2005, based on Richard Wagner's Tristan And Isolde.
These are best experienced yourself, to immerse yourself in the imagery and narratives in a sort of communion.

Lincoln artist Sam Bartlett with Ai Wei Wei's Iron Tree

Ai Wei Wei, Iron Tree, 2013
 A stimulating walk through the park up to the Long Gallery, which consisted of indoor sculptural works by KAWS, along with related cartoon-like paintings.
Drawing from childlike cartoon imagery and narratives, these express an anarchic yet vibrant aesthetic that evokes questions about these existing pop culture concepts, and a new interpretation of them.

Outside in the park itself, larger scale KAWS sculptures domineer the area, some black like huge monoliths to childhood icons, reminiscent of statues normally reserved to depict nobility/ leaders, or politicians. Here they are fictional characters, in poses not normally depicted in cartoons.

Variations in materials - some of the characters are constructed from wood.

A sense of perspective

Additional animation - Julian Opie's Galloping Horse

Other work by Antony Gormley and BobAndRobertaSmith was also on display.

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