Monday, 11 April 2016

Time out

Despite working away behind the scenes on things that seem to be taking a lot longer than we'd thought, I've personally had to take some time out from a lot of things, both as LAN director and from my own practice, to deal with some personal issues.

However, another unsuccessful funding application, and a raft of rather exploitative email requests lends more weight to the importance of #payingartists campaign.

We've been keeping in contact with the hospital with regards to the mural project, but are still awaiting any further news, and meanwhile, we support the junior doctor's strikes in protest against budget cuts, increased hours, and forced contracts.

As freelance artists, we cannot offer much in the way of support, as it would be great if we had a regular income, something also worth campaigning for.

We have absolutely no obligation to give away all our expertise for free, sorry.
The #payingartists hashtag is quite clearly visible on all our marketing - it means that if you require high quality artists' work, you will have a budget or sponsorship in place already, and will be happy to pay professional fees for your art. 

So, it's back to the drawing board, quite literally for us at this stage, after a much needed Easter break.

We're also aware that Peter K Rollings, who we invited to provide entertainment for Abandoned At The Exit, and was also involved in The Lincoln Simulacrum, has appeared on Britain's Got Talent.

The reaction so far: "Peter, what have you done??!!"

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